Our Companies

Helal Foam was founded in 1998 and it is the largest company in the Group. Helal Foam was the first company in the private sector that obtained a license to manufacture polyurethane foam. We have expanded our reach to cover different regions in Iraq, namely Baghdad, Karkouk and Babil. Helal Foam maintains trustworthy relations with its customers by providing products and services tailored to their needs. We use modern technology and advanced machinery supplied to us by leading machine manufacturers such as Henneck, Albrecht-Baumer, and Laader Berg, and our raw material is sourced through leading petrochemical companies such as Dow, Sabic and Covestro.

In 2004, Helal Group extended its business and began to produce a new range of sleep comfort products, through a new subsidiary: Al Huda company. We manufacture a wide range of sleep comfort products such as spring and compressed foam mattresses in different sizes and finishing, polyester and medical pillows, bed sheets, quilts, in addition to memory foam and latex mattresses. The company integrated within its activities polyester manufacturing for its own use and as a supplier to the local market.

Rayan company was established in 2007 in Babil, Iraq, as another subsidiary of Helal Group to extend the Group’s product range into plastic water tanks and pipes. Rayan uses modern blow-molding technology to manufacture plastic water tanks in different sizes and shapes with capacity range from 250-2000 liter. We also use roto-molding technology to manufacture tanks with a capacity range of 250-15000 liter.

Our low-density high-quality food-grade certified polyethylene is used to produce multiple-color tanks with a 10-year service life span. Rayan also produces PPR plastic pipes and accessories with competitive quality and pricing. Our products are robust in different climates and they are resistant to sun heat, severe cold and freezing temperatures.

Royal company for water plastic tanks was established to cover Baghdad area and its surrounding.

The technology used at Royal and its product range is similar to Rayan company that was established in Babil to extend our product reach in different regions of the country.

Guided by the Group’s vision to diversify its products portfolio as well as its regional presence, Helal Industries was established in Jordan in 2011. The company specializes in producing Masterbatch for plastic, filler masterbatch, solvent printing ink, Polyethylene powder, and Color Pastes for Polyurethane Flexible Foam. Since inception, the company’s growth has been considerable and while it operates in the Jordanian market, but its reach has intensified to cover neighboring countries. A wide range of Masterbatch products are available: Color masterbatch, filler masterbatch, additive masterbatch, and special effect masterbatch. The ink product range also covers surface-roto, reverse-roto, surface-flexo, and reverse-flexo