Our Laboratory

Our laboratory section built on three main elements: Quality Control, new color studies and matching requested colors.

One of the most important elements in the production phase of Masterbatch is Quality Control. When evaluating a Masterbatch product, it must review the practices, examinations and tests that utilized in this regard.

Every product produced in our facilities should passes through a quality control process, which is an active process 24 hours a day.

Approved certified products sent to our clients with its certificates that issued by Q.C department.

All of our tasks including all physical and demographical data that related to all of the products produced recorded and archived in our database.

As marketing activities continue to exist, there will always be demand for new colors. Therefore, we must meet the demands of current and prospective customers in the right manner. Regarding that, we have an expert personnel manage new color studies within our structure.

Further, Helal Amman is currently the main Masterbatch producer that has the largest extensive Color Archive in Jordan, total number of colors has offered and sold in the market exceeded 1000 colors.

As a result of all of these attributes and due to our rapid sample creation with working through this following purpose “meeting the required color demand with minimum operational numbers” Helal Amman is without doubt the most successful and growing firm within this industry.