About Us

Helal Group

HELAL GROUP consist of five companies working together to provide different productions to the markets that will gain customers satisfaction and content.

With more than 15years experience in the market, providing production using most sophisticated machines and under supervision of experience engineers and employees we earned very good reputation in both private and governmental sector which allowed us to earn our share in Middle East market.

Over the years HELAL GROUP has established solid reputation, by providing high quality products with allow us to compete with the international brands.

Today, HELAL GORUP is prominent provider foam, mattress, water tanks, polyester fiber, plastic products and many other productions in Middle East market.

HELAL GORUP constantly seeking to extend its products portfolio in the market and to open new markets.

Helal Amman for Plastic Industries

Helal Amman for Plastic Industries., established in 2011, registered under no. 26508. Specialized in the plastic industries as PE powder, Masterbatch and film extrusion.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the optimal materials side by side with the best prices for our customers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the most effective partner for all companies in Jordan, Middle East, Africa, Europe and all over the world.